Workflow Tutorial: Code Gen question

I was going through the Tangram Maker tutorials. In the fourth section, it walked me through the process of creating a workflow and setting up code generation. There was C++ code that I could download after that was finished. My question is, what exactly is this code that was generated? All of the components and implementations that I had made were just names and ports, so I’m not sure what it made.

Tangram’s code-gen will create what we call a CSI (Component Software Interface), which is an API to create and interact with the C++ objects representing the Messages that you chose in your interface. It also includes integration with Tangram’s APIs for message transports and serialization, to make serializing & deserializing message data to and from C++ types and sending them over the wire easier.

For a larger example usage, I can message you with access to an example repo in the Tangram GitLab. For a quick sample, you can use the generated code to construct a message object like this in LMCP:

#include "AirVehicleState.hpp"
#include "AirVehicleStateApi.hpp"

AirVehicleStateApi sender(&mapi_sender);

AirVehicleState* msg = sender.createAirVehicleState(1, 2, 3, 4);


Generated OMS includes some tests and examples that I would recommend looking at instead, as every message set has its own CSI and may be used differently.

Adding examples and tests to the LMCP code generation would be a great step for us to take in the future.

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@grant.linville. I was just working on the Code Gen on Tutorial 4 as well. Were you able to get it to work? I am at the step where you hit “run” and I get the following on the screen:

. I tried it twice (I deleted the workflow and then followed the tutorial again) but I got the same error. Not sure what I did wrong or what I should do.

I did get mine to work the first time. I just experimented with workflows a little bit to see if I could get the same error to happen but it never did. I could get one or both parts of the workflow to fail, but never the unidentified error. Do you have more screenshots you could share?

Thanks @grant.linville. I must have done something wrong as it seems to be running now. I deleted and re-entered everything here is the config for Code-gen image I couldn’t fit it all but the output language is cpp. Here is the config for cppcheck.

and here is what I am seeing now. I must have entered in something wrong, because it ran, Thank you for checking!

Hi @mark.stadtmueller, I’m glad it ended up working for you. When I encounter that error it is most often because our artifact storage, Minio, is full. This will cause workflows to die without cause. The workflows team (see @brandon.henry) has been working on a garbage collection service to remove old artifacts to avoid this problem but I don’t know what it’s status is. Given that it ended up working I’d suspect garbage collection works but may have failed to kick in early enough to avoid an overfilled Minio.

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@joe.richardson, thanks and understood. So, if I see that again, is there something I can do as a work-around? Refresh or something? Thank you!

@joe.richardson @mark.stadtmueller Workflow GC wasn’t ever enabled on QA, but I’ve enabled it now. Looks like someone already cleared out the minio pvc on qa, but if something similar happens again feel free to let me know, preferrably on Slack so I can fix it quickly.