Welcome to the Tangram Flex Community

Thanks for joining Discuss, the Tangram Flex Community. At Tangram Flex we believe that every mission deserves access to innovation. Our goal here is to foster a community where common interest can galvanize action through the sharing of knowledge and practices.

Who is this community for? Well, you’ll find a range of people here. System and software engineers are the most common, but there are others too. Developers, program managers, and project managers jump in often. Even the occasional product manager shows up. Regardless of their role, every person here has expressed interested in building more flexible and resilient software systems. Some of them use Tangram Pro™. Others are just trying it out.

We encourage you to ask questions, share knowledge, offer insights and feedback, and help this community learn how to leverage the best in system/software engineering practices.

You can read more about Tangram Flex and the principles that guide us, or check out our blog, The Framework.

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