Tangram Pro™ Release Notes

Week of July 12, 2021

Features and Updates

AADL Export

  • Download an AADL representation of a Tangram Pro™ Component from the Workspace

New Message Transforms

  • Additional bidirectional transforms between LMCP and OMS are available in Tangram Pro™

Flex Compositional Transforms

  • Expanded transform capabilities to generate transforms between two message where an explicit direct transform does not exist, but intermediate transforms do


  • Updated Flex REPL

Helm Chart Network Policy

  • Security enhancements to deployments in Kubernetes

Sentry Error Reporting

  • Aggregation of anonymous error data to a central location for faster bug mitigation in Tangram Pro™

Really exciting features being added with each release!


Week of August 2, 2021

Features and Updates

FlexLang Editor

  • First step to enable Flex authorship
  • View Tangram Flex “canonical” message sets and transforms
  • Create Flex custom packages
  • Create/edit Flex modules and Flex files (future use in making Flex authored messages in component ports)
  • Line column indexing and deep linking are featured in the editor


  • Greater visibility into Kubernetes resources for more intelligent allocation of services across nodes


  • Improved performance resulting from paying off tech debt and bug fixes

Flex Authorship is looking fantastic! Very excited about the future of this product!

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Week of September 13, 2021

Features and Updates

Flex Authorship

  • Add support for your own message set to Tangram Pro™
  • Create Your Own Message Set in FlexLang Editor including error checking
  • Publish the Message Set
  • Leverage the Message Set in a Component Based Design
  • Generate a Component Software Interface Leveraging the Message Set

Flex Authorship Tutorial

Note: Flex Documentation is coming soon and will be posted at https://docs.tangramflex.io/docs/flex/flex_overview. In the meantime, for questions on using the Flex Language post to https://discuss.tangramflex.io/