Tangram Pro and STITCHES

I’ve been in a few conversations where I’ve been asked the differences/similarities between Tangram Pro and STITCHES. For those engineers that are familiar with the STITCHES, and given our capabilities and roadmap, how would you articulate the comparison?

To me, STITCHES and Tangram Pro are not a similar comparison. I think a more applicable discussion is STITCHES and Flex. Both Flex and STITCHES enable transform capability. Flex does a lot more in Tangram Pro, but I think STITCHES and Flex are comparable for transforms. But, I do not think they are competitive. Both are working toward interoperability across systems. There are some capabilities that STITCHES has more fully built out and there are some capabilities where Flex is more fully built out. However at some point I think the people working in STITCHES and the people working in Flex will be able to work together and it will not be a big stretch to translate and/or leverage STITCHES transforms and Flex transforms.


Thanks Mark! I like that you are distinguishing between Flex and Tangram Pro and comparing the former with STITCHES. For those on our team that have used STITCHES, are building/using Flex, or have recently been in similar conversations, what do you think? If it is more appropriate to compare Flex with STITCHES, how do these two approaches to transforms differ? Maybe to put it more directly, when would I want to use Flex and when would I prefer STITCHES?