Quick Code Gen Validation?

Hi. I am on try.tangramflex.io and I have generated code with code-gen-3. I am looking through the CSI tutorial here https://docs.tangramflex.io/docs/tutorials/tutorials/implement_csi/. But, in the generated code that I download is there anything less ambitious I can do to check the generated code? Is there something in the documentation on the downloaded code that I can use?

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The tutorial uses the LMCP message set, which is generated using the generic CSI. Generation of a generic CSI results in a README.md (markdown) file that contains a good deal of introductory information including a brief overview of the API calls, samples of building the code using “make” commands and information on built-in tests and how to execute those. The README also provides some instruction on generating auto-generated documentation for the generated API. That results in hyperlinked HTML files that can be viewed in a browser.

In the “test” folder are end-to-end tests (meaning you have a sender and a receiver and need a network message broker of some kind between them) and serialization tests. The latter run standalone and are a complete C++ program that generates messages, serializes them, deserializes them and compares results.

So overall, the package contains quite a bit of detail for a user to consult and use as examples.


Thanks Eric, this helps a lot! I will check out all.