Message Type: Data, Event, Event-Data

Hi, I am working through tutorial three. Everything is working (so far). But, I have a question, when I select the message type (the Tutorial says to select “data”). I did that, but I noticed the other selections of “event” or “event-data”. Can anyone explain the differences between these three and when you would use each message type?

I’m not sure they have any meaning to the platform (that is the code under the hood) at present. I’d expect they are only meaningful at present to other users. Someone like @david.jacobs may be able to confirm. As far as the code-gen capability, it’s indifferent to the type there. It only cares about messages.

OK, thanks Joe, so from an interface for code generation, we can select whatever we want. But, from the component, that may have requirements? Is that correct @david.jacobs ? Thanks Joe!

@joe.richardson is correct, they currently do not have any meaning under the hood.

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My assumption was that those terms come from aadl. This doc isn’t the place were you necessarily will find the information but should help you get started: An AADL Tutorial

It’s mildly difficult to find a good introduction to aadl. I might come back and post some better information after finding it again.