How to Find Lost Components?

Hello, I am new to Tangram Maker. As part of my exploration of Tangram Maker I have created a notional simulator ecosystem with 29 separate UAS simulator components which are connected to a common simulator environment. Due to the size and scale of the model, I panned over the workspace in order to add all of the components. However when I panned and then tried to drop a new component into the work space two components did not “land” where I had directed it and now I can not find them.

Is there anyone that can help me find the lost components? And yes I have checked under all the other components.

Attached are two images from the workspace, the first showing that components UAV 28 and 29 are in use. And the second showing the zoomed out workspace without the said components.

Hi Ryan.

That is certainly unexpected behavior. If you have a link for that workspace view I can check it out for you.

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