How does Generic CSI work?

On the Generic CSI, I have a question about the flow. Is the flow as follows? 1) Create a message or set of messages in Flex. 2) Upload (or incorporate) those messages in the next release of Tangram Pro. 3) In Tangram Pro, create a component system interface that leverages that message(s). 4) Run a code gen work flow (where you select the output language and the transport library). 5) Run the code gen. Is this the correct flow of work?

Message sets are defined in flex modules, which is essentially just data structures. It’s not the same as Flex code itself. It’s the data files that provide the type information required to create the CSI in the output language of choice. Otherwise I’d say your thought process is essentially accurate.

Thanks @eric.zwirner! Much appreciated, that helps a lot. So, just to make sure I understand, when defining the message sets in flex modules, is that done in a Flex UI or the Tangram Pro Workspace/UI?

I’m not sure what the platform direction will be here. Currently users don’t have a way to provide this data. It must be packaged into the platform for them.

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Mark, I am currently working through this now for another program if you are curious. I would be happy to share what I am doing and the process I am going through. One caveat though is that it is not in the platform yet so I am doing it all manually with the platform tooling.

Yes, thanks Andrew! If OK, will find some time on our calendars. Thanks!

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