Code Gen Workflow Failure Question

I am attempting to create a hypothetical UAS. As part of my UAS, I am envisioning a control component that coordinates and prioritizes information from various sensors. I have tried to generate code using this component and continually (and repeatedly) the codegen process fails.

In creating this component, I have chose several ports with three different standards. I suspect this is the problem.

  1. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. When I attempt to generate code, will Tangram Pro generate code for each port I have defined in the component even if it is not one of the ports I chose when making connections?

Thanks for any help or comments.

Hi @matt.ayres welcome to the community! Yes, you are correct. Trying to generate code for a component type implementation that has multiple ports but the ports are of different standards will generate an error in a code-gen workflow even though you can design the system as a placeholder for that. If you have a particular type implementation, that interface would typically only communicate messages of one type. If you need messages from another message standard, the current way to implement would be via a transform. If a transform is available, can walk you through that. If a transform is not available, a transform would need to be authored. Do you have a particular capability you are trying to design? If so, please share and we can discuss how best to implement.

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